Adult Choir​

music1Faith United believes music to be central to the worship of our Lord and that it is of importance in the spreading of His Word. Thus we strive to make our program as vital as possible.

The first music one is aware of in our worship service is that of the organ. When the present sanctuary was constructed in 1968, Elwood Ball, then Director of Music Ministries, took on the task of finding a great organ company to build a well-integrated pipe organ specifically for this structure. The happy result was the magnificent 36 rank Reuter that we now have. It continues to enhance our worship services and has been of benefit to the entire community. It has been the subject of praise from several touring concert artists, from Anita Werling to Diane Bish. We are fortunate to now have the organ bench occupied by the talented Barbara Gossett, a graduate of Monmouth College. She was mentored by Elwood Ball and has continued to study with Linda Andrews at First Presbyterian Church in Macomb, Illinois.

music2The very active Chancel Choir of 26 members performs at worship and rehearses one hour prior to worship each Sunday. The ensemble does perform additionally for special services, such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Maundy Thursday. The usual accompaniment is piano or organ, but on occasion the keyboard is supplemented with other instruments, up to a full chamber orchestra. Dr. Richard Griffiths, Director of Choral Activities Emeritus at Monmouth College is the director and has stated that new members are always welcome. Music remains a high priority during the summer, or at other times the choirs are not performing. Many distinguished, even nationally recognized groups have participated in our worship or concertized in our sanctuary.

Reuter Organ Specifications