Our Monmouth College Connection

mcLocated just a block from the Monmouth College campus, Faith Church has long been closely associated with the Presbyterian-affiliated college.  The building’s original congregation, known as Second United Presbyterian Church, was founded in 1862 specifically to serve Monmouth College, with the college’s first president, David A. Wallace, serving as its first pastor.  Another MC president, James Harper Grier, also served as Second Church pastor, and the legendary Gracie Peterson was the first of several choir directors from the college faculty.

The three other United Presbyterian congregations that in 1964 merged to create Faith Church–First, Grace, and Ninth Avenue–also had direct ties to Monmouth College through their membership and missions.  Today, Monmouth College faculty, staff, students, and alums continue to play an active part in Faith Church’s ministry, worship and Christian Education.

For college students, Faith United can be a place where you can be yourself, worship, study, volunteer, and feel loved by God.

We invite you to be our special guests. . . find friends, young and old, ask questions, find some answers, and be free to serve others.

  • Students have participated in the choir, in teaching, in advising youth group, in worship, and in serve.  Please contact the church office at 734-5129 if you want more information or are interested in participating in any of these or any other activities.

  • Occasional fellowship events, luncheons, and cook-outs are held throughout the year.  Specific information will be available through our e-newsletter.  To receive this newsletter, you can sign up by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

  • Students are invited to become affiliate members at Faith United, a status which allows nearly full participation at Faith United while maintaining membership in a home church. Contact the church for more information.